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სარეკლამო ადგილი 293 x 133

სარეკლამო ადგილი 293 x 133

სარეკლამო ადგილი 293 x 133

სარეკლამო ადგილი 293 x 133

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Company staff policy, Personnel, provision

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Business Plus / Georgia

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Company staff policy.

To begin with, we would like to inform you that our personnel policy is fundamentally different from the widespread personnel policy in Georgia, that is, it is not based on direct hiring of employees.

This is a new vision of business activity, based on invited and remote employees, as well as on 5-6 leading managers (office workers).

The company works with “hybrid technology”, which is specially created for this purpose.

Also, the process of creating an electronic program. Which will serve to achieve this goal and will be posted on the company's website.

To be informed, I would like to point out that a remote employee here cannot be understood as it is known in a wider society.

I want to tell you that there is a big difference.

Thus, the successful work of a remote employee is fully ensured, as mentioned above, with the help of a hybrid technology and an electronic program.

Thus, the mode of labor of a remote worker is 95% compared with the mode of labor of a stationary office worker.

Regarding the invited employee and his status, he also works as a remote employee, unlike his / her mode of work, as well as remuneration, - determined on the basis of the workload, - which he must perform within the agreed time frame.

Ladies and gentlemen, someone might think that this approach does not justify the outcome. But let me tell you that the system is innovative and has already been implemented in some European countries.

The difference between our system and the European system is that the European system is based on the latest technologies in commercial activities, which in some cases unduly limit the rights of employees and only contribute to the expansion of the company.

In our case, the system is based on hybrid technology. where worker’s self-development is envisaged — as well as his personal problems. As a result, an ideal working atmosphere is achieved while on duty.

As for the company? As you can see, the technology is most suited for productive work of staff, the question is how the company develops? I want to tell you that the company does not lose anything, on the contrary, it will develop in giant strides.

First of all, the company's expenses for current activities amount to almost half.

Required office space will be reduced by three times compared with demand, while other current expenses will be reduced by almost 50%.

Thanks to a special electronic program, the time spent on each operation will be significantly reduced, and financial costs will be reduced - paid to employees.

This may allow you to significantly increase staff remuneration, as well as free up sufficient financial resources for successful employees.

Finally, such an approach to business gives us a real opportunity to employ 4 times more job seekers than it would have been under normal business activities.

All this creates an opportunity for the development of the company 4 times faster in a given period of time.

But if you take into account the unexpected delays, this system allows the company to develop 3 times faster than during normal operation.

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Business Plus / Georgia

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Personnel, provision

Staffing.  Regional remote worker

We need remote employees (individuals) in the regions of Georgia and around the world.

If you are interested, please read the information below. If you meet the specified requirements. If you want to contact me, please use the following information.  E.mail::  

skype: business plus / georgia  tel. +995599890129;

Spoken language, Georgian, Russian, English (with translator).

Correspondence language, Georgian, Russian English.


LLC. Business plus  / Georgia

2. position, post

Official representative in a specific geographical segment, also the leading manager of the geographical segment, is also the top manager of the geographical segment.

3. Geographical segment, country, Administrative unit.

USA, Europe, the rest of the world

Deep knowledge of office programs. Sociability. Analytical thinking. Persuasion of the respondent. Doing, negotiating. Elementary knowledge of business psychology. Create a presentation letter. Team management. Crisis management. Project management. Planning, implementation of projects and activities. Branding company. Branding of company products. And so on, mandatory skills for doing business in a certain geographical segment.

5. Characteristics of the position (post)

On behalf of the company "business plus / georgia", to act in a particular geographical segment.

in the performance of official duties. Establishing a connection with companies whose business profile, business plus / georgia, will bring positive results. Sending presentation letters to these companies. Negotiations with them and signing of a memorandum of friendship and cooperation on behalf of the company "business plus / georgia". Based on an oral agreement with the central office, he negotiates with companies to conclude a basic contract. Normalization of relations with a specific company. supervision and control over the execution of the contract.

6. Status

The official representative of the director. business plus / georgia in a specific geographical segment (region).

7. Communication and communication with the main office of the company.

Active relations with the director of the company.

Active relations with the leading manager of the company

8. Wages

The payment form, quantity, is defined by negotiations. Proceeding from the volume of the performed work and the size of a geographical segment.

Sincerely, the founder and director of the company Business plus / Georgia David Davitlidze.

P. S. In the case of a legal person, the contract is signed, on the respective rights and obligations. From each project, where will participate, receives dividends.

Download the document.

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Business Plus / Georgia

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